Short skits for students

These skits for kids are easy to act out and quick to put together. Kids love performing skits for such activities as family get-togethers, camping trips, holidays, for neighborhood parties, and many other opportunities.

A patient is waiting to see the doctor. Another patient is already in the waiting room and complains of a sore toe. She says, "My hand ached so the doctor cut it off.

short skits for students

When the nurse finally calls the first patient to come see the doctor, he jumps up and starts to run out of the waiting room. The nurse calls after him, "Wait! What's the matter? A man is unable to sleep and is tossing and turning in his bed. He complains of the noise.

short skits for students

Somebody offstage makes quiet sounds such as wind blowing gently, leaves rustling, maybe a board creaking quietly. The man says he can't sleep with all this noise. Finally he gets up and goes to the Wise Man for help. The Wise Man sits behind a table with a big book to consult. He tells the sleepless man, "This is a serious problem. But I can help you. What you need is a cat. Go and get a cat. The man buys a cat and takes it home.

Someone should act out being the cat. The man goes back to bed. The same noises of gentle wind blowing, leaves rustling and a board creaking continue and now the cat meows.

The sleepless man goes back to the Wise Man and is told to get a dog. He tries to sleep. The wind, leaves and board continue; the cat meows and the dog barks.

The sleepless man continues to visit the Wise Man and is told to get another animal each time. At last he has a cow, a horse, a pig, etc. Add whatever animals you like that are noisy. Finally the sleepless man tells the Wise Man that he cannot stand it any longer.

The Wise Man tells him to go home and get rid of all of the animals. He leads the animals offstage and comes back.Homeschooling is more than just education at home.

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Teacher Skit Ideas

The possibilities are endless! I Want to Become a Member. Have a flair for drama? Put on a play or skit with these free scripts and staging ideas in these short plays in English for children.

Children will enjoy these royalty-free English plays, skits, dramatic readings and pageants which are arranged according to difficulty. Selected Self-Confidence Building Activities It matters not whether you have the good looks of a crumbling cathedral gargoyle or the sex appeal of a rusted cheese grater because self-confidence is a power greater than the sum of your parts.

The idea here is to get a list of potential actors who could tackle each role. In doing so, you should be able to give yourself two or three options for every key role. John Cosper, Righteous Insanity. Camp Skits Most of the skits listed here require minimal preparation, and can be easily adapted to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Cinderella 7 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm. Her name is Annie. She was born…. Orphans : We will be back to get her soon. Songs, Skits and Yells Most of these songs, skits and yells have been taken from various places arround the internet. The original source is indicated where known. Sound file, too, so you can learn to get the timing right.

By Ann Zeise. Poetry Theater Perform rhyming poetry plays with these funny and short poems.During the course of one day, an elegant, deadly hitwoman discovers that once you chose your life, your life never leaves you alone. About Time by Dino Barlaam Short - A young man uses the time machine his father invented for his own selfish purposes. Abra Kadabra by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - Two street side magicians battle it out in this dark comedy sketch.

Admit One filmed as Poetry Man by Mike Shelton Short - A chance meeting between two people from different backgrounds and with little in common, proves that you can't judge a book by its cover. Adversary by Brandon W. Banks Short - Ira has it hard enough being bullied for wanting to be a dancer, to make matters worse he comes home to his schizophrenic grandfather who watches him sleep at night.

Agualique by Joseph Cahill medstudent Short - A Doctor must face his painful past so that he can move on with the present. Aiden by Tor Cumberbatch Short - A depressed young god becomes infatuated with one of his servants, only to learn of a dark truth.

Aiding The Enemy by Peg Tittle Short - Aiding the Enemy short drama 15min - When Private Ann Jones faces execution for "aiding the enemy," she points to American weapons manufacturers who sell to whatever country is in the market. Alice In Modern Wonderland by Kira Short - Technology creates alternative reality while hinders human interaction and relationship development. Alisa prepares for the most important day of her life, but will it go smoothly?

Ted killed Angie. And now, he has to bury her before Aunty comes home. But he has an idea that just might bury him too. Alone by Sean Elwood zombie sean Short - A girl seals herself inside her apartment during a pandemic.

Amelia by Gillian Fu gipattinson Short - A flashback of a romance between two very different people. A few people see Satan. The rest see Her. A February One Week Challenge script. Ankou by Anica Moore symple Short - After hearing a story of an old Breton folklore about the Ankou, three drunken men come face to face with the doctor of death, taunting, teasing and throwing stones at the stranger, breaking his old cart.

THANK YOU - A short comedy skit (English sub available)

Feeling bad for what his drinking buddies done to the strangers old rickety cart, Fenley kindly fixes it. But before he finished his fix, the Ankou's banshee-like screams warns of certain death for the bullies.

With a brush of the Ankou's cloak, the Fenley was spared for his kind deed but cursed with snow white and never to speak a word again. The others were not so lucky. Annabelle by Allan Groves Short - A conformed man, repressed by societal norms, is haunted by a mysterious stranger determined to kill him, and steal away the woman of his dreams. Answer, The by Will J. Wheeler Short - An adverage saturday morning turns wry, after a mysterious phonecall saves Sam's life.

Anyone There?Five people Four guys are sitting in a hospital waiting room. A nurse enters. Morrissey or whatever name you wantI have great news! Your wife just gave birth to twins! Time passes, …. Person 1 is on all fours they will be the lawnmower. Person 2 is the person trying to mow the lawn. Choose some people from the audience to try to ….

Line up by height, smallest boy last, group leader in front leading the singing. Try to time the marching so one verse lasts all the way across the stage 1st time: The …. Camper 1 is a store Salesman Camper 2 is a Mother looking for a new couch Props needed: 3 chairs lined up, a bucket of water, bottle of ketchup, mustard and some other kinds of condiments.

Jelly, soda, baking sprinkles, etc. Safe but messy lotions, …. Random works of art ; could be done by kids The scene is an art show where judges are inspecting several canvases that are on display. They comment on the brightness, color, technique, that is used on the different pictures. They select one for the prize and comment additionally on the genius, imagination, and the beauty of the picture. The …. Two of the people are standing pretending to play the violin.

An audience with a good sense of humor. The Bachelor or the Bachelorette must guess who the other volunteers are pretending to be!

This is a good group bonding activity. At the front of the room or on the stage there should be 4 chairs. Pick 4 volunteers from the audience. You will need …. Two campers are walking through the woods. They come to a campsite and realize they only have a one person tent. With a little bit of bickering, they decide who will sleep in the tent and who will sleep on the ground. Both campers get comfortable and fall asleep. Four more campers unseen to the audience and positioned one in ….

A leader begins to explain how to lay a campfire. The leader decides to use members of the audience to represent different pieces of wood. The bonfire builders bring up various volunteers.

The 2nd camper pushes him and mugs him. Person A tells Person B to act like a flower. They have some dialogue about what the ideal flower looks like.

Person A the Bee then tells Person B the flower that they are going buzz …. The skit starts with one person sitting on a bench at the bus stop. Another person comes up and tries to make the person uncomfortable so they will leave their seat.Great for high school students.

short skits for students

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to search for and find a short play script. Our short plays are original and contemporary, only published through Monologue Blogger. MB strives to consistently deliver new published works for students and drama classes around the world. Sally has had an ongoing issue with her friend, who always seems to be in some bad state of affairs.

In this short play, Sally desires to work out the problem or get rid of her friend. During one particular visit she mentions how she wishes she can be reprogrammed…her therapist may be able to provide for her exactly what she asks for.

He has been keeping all of his emotions tied up inside himself and he makes an attempt at reaching out to his father for help. The two embark on traveling and living from motel to motel across the country, all while performing robberies and other criminal activity to survive. Nothing she seems to do make anything better and in fact only makes things worse. The short play unfolds in the woods when another student from school takes notice of her and they talk.

She is concerned that she has a serious problem and in this short play she opens up to a good friend about it. Skip to content. Monologue Blogger offers a wide range of monologues from plays. We invite you to our Monologues from Plays Series. All Monologues from Plays. This site uses cookies to improve your experience: Find out more.

I accept.These sample skits for children can be used in a variety of ways. They are perfect for classroom reading, home school reading, or auditioning of children for plays. They can be given as a cold read to children to see how they can perform in various parts. They are also great for very short skits that can be performed by them for various events and venues.

Some of these are old from the public domain. Some of them are submitted from our readers that they have written themselves. Some of them are submitted by students! Please send us your submissions of skits you have written or know of in the public domain that we can share with our readers. Please see our Terms of Use page for important information on the rules for using our skits and plays. Sample Skits for Children These sample skits for children can be used in a variety of ways.

Some Sample Skits for Children: For Others Long Ago and Now Please send us your submissions of skits you have written or know of in the public domain that we can share with our readers. Comments We would love your feedback!

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short skits for students

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